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Illariy: The First Quechua News Presenter Generated by AI, a Cultural and Technological Milestone

Peru celebrates the birth of Illariy, the Quechua news presenter created by artificial intelligence, as a groundbreaking milestone for the promotion and preservation of the Quechua language and culture in the 21st century

In an effort to revitalize one of the most important indigenous languages in Latin America, a group of researchers from the prestigious National University of San Marcos in Peru have developed Illariy, a one-of-a-kind virtual news presenter. Illariy, whose name means "dawn" in Quechua, has become the beacon that illuminates and strengthens the cultural and linguistic pride of Quechua speakers worldwide.

This pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence has been created using cutting-edge voice synthesis and facial animation technology. Every week, Illariy appears on screen, her computer-generated image sculpted with great precision, while her voice resonates with the fluency and intonation characteristic of the Quechua language. It is the perfect marriage between technology and cultural heritage, an avatar that not only communicates the news but also becomes a symbol of identity and resilience for the Quechua community.

Since her debut in the media world, Illariy has managed to captivate audiences both in Peru and in other Quechua-speaking countries. Her presence on television has allowed the Quechua language to be widely heard and valued, breaking down language barriers and fostering a sense of belonging in younger generations. Moreover, her appearance has been met with great enthusiasm by Quechua speakers, who have found in Illariy an authentic representation and a living testimony of their cultural heritage.

The social impact of Illariy goes beyond Peruvian borders, having been featured in various international media outlets such as CNN en Español. This media recognition not only highlights the importance of Illariy as an unprecedented cultural phenomenon but also underscores the power of technology in preserving and promoting minority languages and cultures in an increasingly globalized world.

The creation of Illariy marks a significant chapter in the history of Peruvian television, and its influence in the promotion of cultural diversity is undeniable. Its existence serves as a powerful lesson on how technology can become an invaluable ally in the preservation and revitalization of minority languages. Furthermore, it opens doors to new possibilities for the application of artificial intelligence in the field of cultural promotion and identity preservation.

Illariy has become a beacon of hope for the Quechua community and an inspiring example for the world. Its creation represents the perfect synergy between technology and culture, and its impact on the promotion of the Quechua language and cultural diversity deserves to be celebrated and recognized as an extraordinary achievement in the annals of journalism and technological innovation.


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